Hi, I'm Ash

Case studies

Work that represents the type of projects I most enjoy.

Open Science Framework

2018 – current
A full UI/UX redesign of the Center for Open Science’s flagship product that supports open research and enables collaboration.



2017 – 2021
My own venture into building products for healthcare providers. An enhanced SOAP notes platform that captures the “curbside consults” between doctors – informal conversations that are often not recorded or tracked – to build detailed and searchable case reports of difficult cases.

Parkinson's Disease Consortium

Rapid Science Parkinson’s Disease Consortium

2018 – 2020
An exploratory project by Rapid Science envisioning the future of Parkinson’s Disease research with a turnkey platform that promotes and rewards team science.



2014 – 2016
Designing a Google Maps-like app for cancer patients to navigate a complicated landscape of treatment options, empowering them to participate in their care plan decisions.

Select clients and partners

Cancer Commons
Center for Open Science
Columbia University
Faculty of 1000
The Michael J. Fox Foundation
Milken Institute
The New York Academy of Sciences
NYU Langone Health
Science of Behavior Change
The Scientist