Auto Style Awards

Dec 15, 2016

Two friends from New York and I way back in the early 2000s started one of the first lifestyle webzines called eCity. We posted fashion, beauty, and travel “advertorials,” writing and photographing most of the content ourselves. We flirted with turning the webzine into a real business, even garnering some acquisition interest from JetBlue and SpikeTV. However, we didn’t know much about running an actual company, and instead used the webzine to go on cool trips and drive cool cars.

In addition to designing and building multiple sites (a lot of in Flash 😬), I also became the automotive “editor-in-chief.” A random conversation at the New York Auto Show with a Mercedes PR rep turned into an annual Auto Style Awards issue, where we recognized the most stylish new cars that model year. For a while we were even getting quoted by manufacturer’s on their own sites! “Motor Trend Car of the Year, Auto Style Award-winner…”

Below are a few screenshots from the 2015 ASAs, and here is a mirror of the site. The 15th annual issue would end up being the last one I worked on. Having moved to California two years before, it was becoming too difficult to continue writing and producing the ASAs. It was fun while it lasted.


Introduction page above, story pages below.

Story page: Alfa Romeo 4C
Story page: BMW i8
Story page: McLaren 650S
Gallery: McLaren 650S

Example of the pure CSS image gallery modal… This was a lot more impressive in 2015.

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